A shape born of a free and atypical spirit


The atypical pentagonal shape of Tzoumy watches is the result of the free spirit of Yvan Monnet, a technician who spent twenty years in the technical offices of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. Very few market studies and very few design committees would have dared to take the risk of making a pentagonal watch, only independence allows this boldness.

The main challenge posed by the use of the pentagon, a very difficult shape to draw without current software, was to transform a rough shape into a harmonious and elegant one. The main exercise consisted in softening the pentagon by replacing the straight lines and angles with curves, referring to the proportions of the golden ratio.

For attention to detail, the hands and hour markers of the dial take up the pentagonal shape by stretching it. To make design lighter, the hands have been openworked and facetted to make the all design more harmonious. Finally, to take the concept to its logical conclusion, the sides of the pentagon have been hollowed out to create a crown in the shape of a five-pointed star.